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Friday, May 19, 2006

High Rise construction

Despite the cancellation of several projects this year, more towers are going up. Last week I went to several of the current projects to get updated information. Next week, my wife Jacqulyn is going to be CNBC talking about the Las vegas high rise market. The interview took place earlier this week and will air on 22nd at 4 pm. Here are some construction pictures of Newport Lofts, Allure, Panorama Towers, Trump Tower, Sky Las Vegas and Turnberry Towers:
Newport LoftsAllure
Panorama TowersTrump TowersSky Las VegasTurnberry Towers

These pictures were taken on May 15th. Soho Lofts is nearly finished according to some of the construction crew there. They are just finishing up the interiors. Tower 4 of Turnberry Place is also nearly completed.

Condo conversions are still going strong. Las Vegas is no longer has a monopoly on them. Reno is also joining the growing condo conversion market with The Resort of Tanamera. The project features all of the high end amenities you'd expect in a Las Vegas project at a fraction of the cost. Units are priced starting in the $200,000's. I'm sure as these projects gain popularity that other areas of the country will follow suit.

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At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently had to re-do a house in Las Vegas, so I put out a call for handymen and got over 150 calls. I narrowed it down to those who had a truck, tools, references, but I didn't call the references.

Here's what happened:

1. This creepy little Hawaiian handiman named Dan 702 481.7568 who used Carl Marloff from Utah as a reference DID help with some ideas before he began to steal stuff, tools and other things. He had himself so convinced that he was too good to work for $15 an hour, I'm sure he justified his theft. He wasn't much good after all, his work had to be re-done by real drywall men and he did a no-show the last day when he needed to come back and finish up what he had already been paid to do.

2. The next guy, Alfonzo Solis 542.9749, who gave me two good references, who I really "believed" was honest and honorable also did not come back to finish his work after being paid. His tile work, or I should say his grout work had to be completely redone as it was cracking. He set tile on plywood, which is a big no no, so it's going to crack down the road. He was sloppy, although he did good cabinets. I just cannot believe people have no integrity at all to finish a job they've been paid to do, which means it may end up being cheaper to hire an expense "licensed" company in the long run. But what does a person do when money is so tight and there is soooooo much work to do.

3.The best guy, a man who CARED if his work was done right, and who went the extra mile to help a lady in distress, rather than trying to rape her for every cent she had, was Mike who also offered me some other laborers at $10 an hour who actually worked better and had more skills than those other jokers. He might be moving to Alaska, but meantime, if you need a dependable, honest, reasonable repair guy, call Mike 702.610.0591. I hope he doesn't mind, but without his help I would have never got my project finished on time. His specialty is stucco, but he can do lots of other stuff and has a fabulous helper named Thomas, a true godsend.

So, hopefully this will save someone the nightmare of robbery added to the nightmare of having to evict a tenant who completely distroyed your home.

Best of luck

Compensation: Mike will bid jobs


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