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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Where are you at?

As social networks gain in popularity, I'm finding myself spread a little thin. It probably all started off with my Digg profile, Jade456. Then I jumped on Del.ici.ous with the same user name, Jade456. I started submitting some of my posts here and gained a few readers. I found mybloglog, and put up a profile there under Jade456 as well. Around the same time, I started playing with Squidoo and went a little nuts. I put up a "lens" on Las Vegas Real Estate, Henderson real estate, Las Vegas lofts, Las Vegas high rise condos, Boulder City real estate and Summerlin real estate. Jacqui and I are pretty active in the Las Vegas animal rescue scene and I try to contribute in everyway I can. I found a site called upcoming.org, which lets you post events in your area that are put out in an rss feed. Very handy for people to subscribe to, plus other users may find your event and attend. I put up a profile under Las Vegas Real Estate and just added my first event, a jewelry luncheon that benefits my favorite animal charity, Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary. Through a Squidoo lens I found a link to claimid.com. Basically it allows you to "claim" your name on the internet, help boost your site as a result to a query of your name. I put up a profile under lasvegasrealestate and started listing all of my various websites and profiles. The list is longer than I thought it would be! The other big social networking site I'm pretty active on is Activerain. Its fairly new, targeted towards realtors and related industries. Since its inception last year, it already has over 10,000 members and really isn't slowing down all that much. Jacqulyn has a profile under Las Vegas Real Estate and is currently ranked #1 for Nevada and Las Vegas. As a result, she also have a profile under Las Vegas real estate on their new sister site, localism.com.

Social networking is here to stay. In fact, it is an integral part of "web 2.0" and will be an important part of online marketing in the years to come. Advertisers are already taking notice and have begun to court these huge authority sites for advertising opportunities. How long will it last? Its hard to judge. As for participation and promotion of these networks, there are arguements for both sides.

On the one side, putting content and promoting your profile on a social network does have its drawbacks. Foremost, you don't control or own the site. The rules of use could change at any moment and then your just stuck. The agenda of the site itself could change or it could be sold to another company with its own rules and ideas. All of the arguements against are in the same vein. And they do have merit. Its absolutely correct.

However, on the other side can you afford not to participate? These sites are huge and rapidly becoming an authority in the eyes of the big three search engines. A high profile page on these sites can become a valuable backlink and even show up in the results for your keyword phrase. More and more consumers are active in these sites and a high profile page can give you excellent qualified traffic.

Whether or not its right for you is going to be your choice. If your current marketing plan is working for you, then don't fix what isn't broken. As for what is the right thing to do, we'll all just have to wait and see.

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