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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Accountability at Lied

Someone needs to be held accountable at Lied. We say that we are the greatest nation on Earth, yet look at how we treat our animals. Dogs are said to be man's best friend, seems the dog is getting the short end of the stick. Proper measures to stop the spread of disease at Lied were not taken, as evidenced by the massive outbreak of parvo and distemper. The same thing happened at the Chicago shelter, however they were able to curtain the outbreak and only had to euthanize 87 dogs----in a much larger shelter than Lied. The city needs to step up, provide Lied with an empty building to hold new arrivals until the existing shelter can be sterilized and new equipment installed to prevent this from happening again. I don't want to hear about budget shortfalls or lack of money. Tourism here has not gone down---ever. The money is going someplace else and that also needs to stop. Whatever else, this is tarnishing the reputation of our city. Lets show the rest of the country that despite being nicknamed "sin city", we still care about the important things.



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