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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Real Estate Overseas

I was checking out some foreign real estate sites to see what our friends across the "pond" are doing to attract their clients. We think that Europeans, etc are so different from us, but not really. We all speak the international language of business. Aside from a few vocabulary differences, we're all alike. For example, I searched for real estate in Paris and found a large condo site (called Flats in Europe). Pretty cool (for me), the site was in English, despite selling French property (I'm sure most Europeans are at least bi-lingual, with English as the 2nd language). They also have a french version as well, something you don't see to often here (certain areas should have a spanish version, some do but not a lot yet). Other than that, the site was exactly like the multitude of realtors sites found in the US. One thing I did like was the flash market map of Paris. It broke the city down 20 areas, each with information about the market there, property type, etc. Very well done and interesting. If you are thinking about buying a second home or vacation property in Paris, this site is definitely worth visiting.



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