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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Protesters at Sunset Park

One of the great things about this country is freedom of assembly...even the freedom to make an idiot out of yourself in public. But please leave your kids at home. As I was driving home from Green Valley I made the mistake of driving down Eastern past Sunset Park.

There is a small group of people protesting a bill, Senator Reid and President Obama. As I was stopped, waiting for them to get out of the street and let traffic move, I asked an older lady exactly what she was protesting. She really couldn't give me a straight answer strangely enough. She felt President Obama with the help of Senator Reid was leading us into socialism. The banks should all fail. So I asked her why wasn't she protesting when President Bush gave out the tarp funds without any oversight or restrictions. She didn't have a reply to that and walked off in a huff.

Another thing too and this one lends to credibility. If you're going to protest, at least have the intelligence to make sure your the statements on your signs are spelled correctly. Have some verifiable facts to back up your statements. Don't try to cloak hate mongering in legitimate protesting either.



At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Paul Francis, CRS said...

Very interesting how different perceptions are seen concerning the Tea Party Protests. I did not see the one at Sunset Park... but from the ones covered by Fox News in Atlanta, San Antonio and Sacramento... it was a little more obvious what the gatherings were really all about.

As Glenn Beck addressed the San Antonio demonstration at The Alamo with what appeared to be several thousand Americans... he said it best that it had nothing to do with what Political Party you belonged to... it had to do with a Federal Government that is out of control with spending money they do not have.

Glenn is a Libertarian.

And then you watch CNN and see one of their reporters attack a peaceful demonstrator with their daughter in tow.

Everybody has a different perception... Take the political party nonsense out of it and it tends to be a little clearer.


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