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Friday, March 23, 2007

Las Vegas MLS

The Las Vegas MLS (multiple listing service) has received a major security upgrade. The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS(R) enlisted Clareity Security to make the data in the MLS safer. All realtors are now required to purchase a SAFEMLS token in order to gain access to the MLS. The token is similar to ones used by banks, security houses, ecetera. It generates a random numeric code that must be entered along with the person login id and normal mls password. Without the additional pass code a user can not gain access to the MLS. The addition of the token makes hacking into the MLS very improbable. The algorithm used by the token generates a different pass code each use, thus rendering any copies pass codes useless.

This security upgrade is the second one in the last six months. Last year there was a mandated upgrade of all lockboxes to a newer, more secure device. Another side benefit of the security upgrade will be to prevent unauthorized use of the MLS by non-realtors. Only a Las Vegas realtor in good standing with the GLVAR and a valid token will be able to access the MLS.

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