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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Las Vegas Foreclosure

With the value of homes rising so fast over the last year, you don't come across that many homes that actually are foreclosed on in Las Vegas. Most are snapped up beforehand by investors. My neighbor's house is a good example. It pretty much distingrated around him. They have replaced the roof, repainted the interior and exterior, replaced all of the bathroom fixtures and landscaping. Over 5 of the rentalable trailer dumpsters full of garbage. Two nights into the remodel, I woke up to my dogs going nuts. At first I thought it was an intruder, and I was right. A ferret invaded my house! He had fresh paint on his tail and whiskers. The poor guy must have been desparate to come in with the dogs running around. We have named him Pauly Shore (cuz he is a weasel) and he seems to like living in the game room with my birds. It just amazes me that someone could just abandon a pet withtout a second thought.

Las Vegas is contemplating a new law requiring that all pets be spayed or neutered in Clark county. You would have to have a breeder's license in order for your pet to be unaltered. With the over crowding at Lied, it should have been done years ago.

Lake Las Vegas has a new housing development that just started selling called Bella Fiore. The homes are by Pardee and start in the $700,000 dollar range. Jacqui had clients that purchased one just prior to the grand opening, which has sold out the first phase. The second phase has started a list for December sales.

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