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Friday, April 29, 2005

Toy Story or the Miracle chip

Toy rescued dogIn October of 2003, our Pekingese, Toyneka managed to squeeze out a tiny opening between our fence and the wall. She had had eye surgery earlier in the month and had lost a little weigh as a result of having to wear an E collar. Frantically we looked for her, put up hundreds of flyers, ran ads in the paper and contacted every veterinarian's office in a 25 mile radius...and never found her. After Christmas I put up more flyers farther away from my house and still nothing. In February, my wife was at the Dewey animal shelter and had thought she had found her. After getting a better look, she knew it wasn't Toy. But we ended up taking her home anyway. The Peke who we named Harriett was in very bad shape. Dewey animal shelter doesn't do any vet work unless a dog is adopted during the 3 days they are eligible. After the three days, they are euthanized. Harriett was on her last day when we adopted her. Her eye had ruptured and was oozing fluid, her nails were curved under and growing into the pads of her feet. She also needed three teeth pulled. The Black mountain VCA hospital in Henderson did an excellent job of fixing her up. She lived with us for the next 14 months. On Friday, April 22nd, she had to be put down due to kidney failure. She wouldn't eat and was wasting away. Sunday, April 24, we received a call from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, stating that they have found a Pekingese with a microchip registered to us. One of the staff contacted Mr. Smith, the gentleman who found her and turned her in. His wife emailed us some pictures they took of her. Some how, she got 1400 hundred miles away.

I flew to Phoenix with a connecting flight to Iowa yesterday. Heather Starr, from the Animal rescue league, met me at the airport with the local news. We drove out to their facility where I was reunited with Toy. The local paper also carried the story and she was front page news. I can't thank Mr. Smith and the staff at the rescue league enough for their kindness. They not only took care of her, but they had her groomed and gave her everything necessary for the trip home. Today she is getting reacquainted with our other pets at our home in Las Vegas. If you are thinking your pet doesn't need a chip because they are an indoor only animal, think again. That is exactly what Toy is. She is an indoor dog. Don't chance fate. Get them chipped. You can get a low cost chip from the Lied animal shelter on Mojave 702-384-3333 if you are in the Las Vegas area, in Des Moines at the Animal Rescue League or at your local shelter.

For microchip information, visit Homeagainid.com, or ask your vetrinarian.

Click here for the Des Moines Register story.


Friday, April 22, 2005

Turnberry Towers

This project was formerly known as Madison Towers. They were supposed to be built back in 2001, but after 9/11 the project was put on hold. Now they have emerged at Turnberry Towers. Turnberry Towers offers the same level of luxury as other Turnberry properties. It will be located next to the Hilton, across the street from the Sahara. Turnberry Towers Las Vegas just started selling units as the last tower of Turnberry Place is being built. A safe bet for a high end luxury high rise.


Monday, April 18, 2005

More pages

Following the guidelines set by Search engines, I've split our lvrealty sitemap into two sitemap pages, the purpose trying to keep each page to under 100 links. At the rate I'm going, I should need a third page within another two months. I'll probably change the referrals page next, since its hasn't been changed in years. So many projects, so little time....


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Stone Canyon Las Vegas

Blue Heron announced a new project last month, unique in Las Vegas. They have coined the residences as loft homes, combining the amenities of standard home ownership with loft living. The project is called Stone Canyon and is being built off of Del Ray Avenue and Buffalo. Stone Canyon Las Vegas loft homes will be over 3,000 square feet and can be customized for up to six bedrooms. Owners will have their own private roof decks, backyards and a host of other amenities. Stone Canyon is the first development with these types of properties. For more information about Las Vegas lofts or loft homes, please contact Jacqulyn at www.lvrealty.net.

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The Onyx

A new low rise condominium project is going up just south of the San Remo hotel on Tropicana. The project is called The Onyx and will be a low rise building with 63 condos for sale. The Onyx units will feature GE profile stainless steel appliances, Travertine flooring and other high end amenities. Prices have not been published as of yet. For more information on The Onyx Las Vegas, please contact Jacqulyn at www.lvrealty.net.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

C2 Lofts

This past week I've been burning the midnight oil on Jacqui's site. Builder have shown no sign of slowing down and it seems that there is a new project announced every day. Christopher homes has announced their new loft project in Summerlin, called C2 Lofts. Details for the project are pretty scarce at the moment. C2 Lofts will offer a very limited amount of units, at this time they are stating 100. C2 Lofts in Summerlin is the only loft project being built there at the moment. For more information on c2, or any other Las Vegas lofts, please feel free to visit Jacqulyn's site at www.lvrealty.net.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Cielo Vista

Yet another high rise condominium project has been announced for downtown Las Vegas. Cielo Vista Las Vegas will be located across from the Cashman field & event center. The project will conform Las Vegas Centennial Design Standards by incorporating urban, walkable streetscape and retail, a self-contained parking garage, and a condominium residential highrise. For more details about Cielo Vista, please feel free to visit my wife's real estate site.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kallisto Las Vegas

For the last few months there have been rumors that the Scandia Fun center was being demolished. Scandia has been a Vegas family spot for the last 18 years. Yesterday the rumors were confirmed when it was announced that it will be demolished in September to make way for a two new high rise condominium towers named Kallisto Las Vegas. The towers will be 50 stories each and will have only 350 condos per tower. Kallisto Las Vegas condos should start pre-selling later this year. Construction is slated to start for Opus in the first quarter of 2006. For more information about high rise condos in Las Vegas, please feel free to contact Jacqulyn Richey at info@lvrealty.net.


Not all high rise condos are meant to be

I'm surprised that this hasn't happened sooner. A Las Vegas high rise condo hotel, Krystle Sands, has been canceled. The property was bought by the neighboring Turnberry Place, located just behind the Las Vegas strip, for an undisclosed amount. Krystle Sands was nearly sold out at the time, and at this point there is no word on what they intend to do regarding commissions owed to the realtors who sold their properties. It wouldn't surprise me to see lawsuits being filed soon. Of course, the void that Krystle Sands left is already being filled. New high rise luxury condos have been announced. Seems the only constant in Las Vegas is change.

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