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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Las Vegas Icon?

One of the new high rise projects is touting itself as the next icon of Las Vegas. The project is being developed by Perez and Ross, who have built some of the most luxurious high rises in Florida. Icon Las Vegas will consist of two towers (currently) and is being built just off of the strip on Convention Center Dr. Amenities are the standard fare, security, garage parking, etc although units are not fully furnished as are some of the others. Each building will be 40 stories with a club room and pool area on the 6th floor. We'll see if Icon can live up to its name.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

A new home

Last April, we rescued a darling Shar-Pei/German Shepard mix that we named Princess Leah. She wasn't being adopted out of the Dewey shelter because she entropia-inverted eyelids, a common problem for Chow and Shar-Pei dogs. The surgery can be expensive, so apparently despite her being adorable, no one would take her. It was her last day on earth when Jacqulyn rescued her. Despite the pain in her eyes, she wiggled her tail constantly. She is probably the happiest dog I've ever met. Over the course of the year, Leah needed some additional surgeries. Her spay had to be re-done, her eyes were fixed, one of them twice and she had to have an orthopedic surgeon fix her elbow after she broke it. Saturday, a nice family from Boulder City adopted her as a family companion and playmate for their other Shar-Pei mix. Leah is now living the good life as an indoor dog, with three children to love (she LOVES kids) and another dog to play with. When getting a pet, PLEASE visit your local shelter first! Do not support puppy mills by buying a pet from a pet store. Most don't know where their puppies come from and do not check out the breeding facilities. In the Las Vegas area, visit the Lied Animal Shelter or contact Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary 227-5555 for great adoptable dogs and cats.


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