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Friday, May 30, 2008

World Series of Poker 2008

Today marked the start of the 2008 World Series of Poker. The first event was held today at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The series started at noon with a $10,000 World Championship Pot-Limit Hold'em. Last year's champion, 39 year old Jerry Yang is expected to return to defend his title.

The "Main Event" is July 3 through the 14th, with the final WSOP final table on November 9. The event is free for spectators and it's expected that over 100,000 people will end up watching the event.

Entry fees for the tourney range from $1,000 up to $50,000. WSOP expected over 30,000 players. For complete tournament details and scheduled events, visit worldseriesofpoker.com.

If you are coming into town for tourney and are looking for the best deals, check out Savelv.com. Randi has put together a great list of things to do and where the best deals are in town.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tragedy at Excalibur

One of the most horrific things possible has happened at the Excalibur (3850 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109). A new born infant was found dead in a restroom trash can by a hotel employee Sunday night. That's right, on Mother's Day. The umbilical cord was still attached and the body was in a pillow case wrapped up in one of the hotel's gift bags, tossed away like so much trash. What the hell is wrong with people?! There are places in Las Vegas where mothers can drop off their babies, no questions asked. Three were within just a few miles of the Excalibur. They would have found a loving home for the child at no cost to the mother.

Metro is investigating and I'm sure the local news will have more information later today. If you have any information regarding the identity of the parties involved, call crime stoppers at 385-5555. Metro is waiting for an autopsy to see whether the baby boy was alive before being placed in the trash.

If you are pregnant and need help with your child, call the National Baby Help line at 888-510-baby or visit saveabandonedbabies.org.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Spammed by a former apprentice

Every year there seems to be at least one former apprentice of the "Don's" that just won't fade back into obscurity. Probably the most famously ridiculous one was Amarosa who just couldn't accept that she was not the greatest thing since sliced bread. For a while she had a website up where you could 'talk' to her for $6.95 a minute. Now there is another former apprentice trying to cash in on their brief brush with fame. Jennifer Wallen has some kind of deal cooking. Jennifer, here's a hint. If you want to appear more legitimate, don't use the same tactics as Nigerians do to collect money. I've been spammed by at least a dozen different email addresses with this message:

Hi! I'm Jennifer Wallen, a local real estate broker and former contestant on Donald Trump's hit television show, "The Apprentice"-- season 4. I have discovered an incredible money-making opportunity so powerful, that it has enabled myself and my husband to retire from our real estate careers! If you're like me, the downturn in the real estate market has affected you financially and you are probably looking for something else to supplement or even replace your income. This life-changing opportunity will do just that.

For more information, call the toll-free number below. We are holding local meetings weekly to explain all of the details. Just leave your contact information and I, or one of my partners, will call you back with the time and location of our next meeting. Don't delay as seating is by reservation only and it tends to fill up quickly... you won't be sorry!
Insane Income Please Call 1 - 888-99B-RICH

That's right, since tune in on weekly meetings and your income worries are over! I've always found that the real money is in holding making money seminars. There is an unsubscribe button included in the email from Insane Income LLC, which I have already used a week ago. What really steams me is that you shouldn't have to go through this crap when your email address has been harvested from your site. If there is anyone out there that has signed up, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about it. Their marketing has put a bad taste in my mouth.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Win a REW website with IDX

The Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World contest has come to a close. Team Eric came out on top, beating some very tough competitors. As promised, the contest prize was donated to the Eco Preservation Society of Costa Rica to help raise money and awareness of the plight of the eco system in that area.

The website with core IDX and free lifetime hosting is being raffled off. You can get the full scoop here: http://www.ericonsearch.com/real-estate-webmasters-website-raffle-by-team-eric/


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