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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Five Condo Communities in Las Vegas

las vegas condosMore than 5,000 people a month move to the Las Vegas valley and they all ask some of the same questions. Where are the best schools? Best communities? Condos close to the strip? Homes near UNLV, etc. So I thought I would give my opinion on some of those questions, by putting together this list of what I think are the top five condominium communities in Las Vegas and the reasons why.

  • Manhattan West - I gave this community top billing because of their innovative floor plan packages (no one else offers anything like them) and great community amenities. Manhattan West also offers unparalleled buyer protection programs. It's a truly unique community, a rarity in Las Vegas.
  • Sedona Las Vegas - This is a condo conversion, located on Las Vegas Boulevard, just down the street from Mandalay Bay. The community has several pools, spas, racquetball court, tennis court and other resort style amenities.
  • Sullivan Square - This is a completely green condominium community. It has its own unique architectural style, offering a variety of loft and condominium residences.
  • Sky Las Vegas - This is the only residential high rise on the Las Vegas strip (at the moment). Sky Las Vegas offers all of the high end amenities you would expect in a luxury condo community.
  • Desert Shores Villas - This one makes the list on location alone. Another condominium conversion, the condos themselves are the average fare. However, residents go enjoy all of the Desert Shores community amenities. The lakes attract all kinds of wildlife including migrant ducks and swans.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Health crisis in Las Vegas

Digg!Earlier this month, several clinics owned by Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada were shut down due to a hepatitis outbreak at their Shadow Lane location. Now it’s come to light that the clinic’s majority owner, Dr Depak Desai has political ties to Nevada governor Jim Gibbons. Dr. Desai served on the governor’s health care transition team before he officially took office in January of last year, which may explain the governor's defense of the clinics early on.Governor Gibbons buffoonery embodied Gibbons expressed his concern that Nevadans wouldn’t seek medical help over the media’s “buffoonery.” On the other hand, he asked that three members of the state board of medical examiners to step down that have ties to the hepatitis scare at Clark county endoscopy clinics. One of the three is also the Chief of the Bureau of Licensing and Certification. Gibbons also stated, ”more inspections by more state staffers may not have stopped clinic practices that led to a recent hepatitis outbreak in Las Vegas” last week, despite having fought for a plan for more medical surveyors in 2007. However, he had also stated about their actions "that does constitute a criminal act" and those responsible "must be held accountable." A flip flop of his other statements....

Another Hepatitis case confirmed

The latest case brings the total to 7 confirmed cases of the disease and the first death. James Cromwell passed away due to liver disease secondary to hepatitis C. His wife, Janice has filed a wrongful death suit against Endoscopy Center. As with the other cases, the victim’s blood work never showed hepatitis C before he visited the clinic. Mr. Cromwell had passed away in May of 2006. Mrs. Cromwell also intends to file a police report, hoping murder charges will be brought against the doctor involved.

More cases

Robert Cox may be the next person added to the list of victims. He underwent two procedures at the Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center on Burnham Avenue several years ago. Prior to those procedures, he had never tested positive for hepatitis. Mr. Cox was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2005 and sought additional testing after receiving a letter from his medical provider urging him to do so. Mr. Cox’s test came back positive for hepatitis B as well. The results have been forwarded to the health department for investigation. Mr. Cox said the doctor who performed the procedures was Dr. Vishvinder Sharma, who recently resigned from the State Medical Board on March 7 and was a partner of Dr. Depak Desai.

Nevada clinics not the first

getting a shot This type of outbreak is nothing new. Back in October of 2002, the New York Times ran a piece about 10 cancer patients that may have contracted Hepatitis C from a Nebraska clinic. The clinic was reusing hypodermic needles. The clinic owner, Dr. Javed fled to Pakistan and was not heard from again. The next month, a survey by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) in Illinois found that 1 in 100 healthcare providers were using the same needle on multiple patients. "There is no excuse for ever reusing a needle or syringe on different patients," said Rodney Lester, CRNA, PhD, president of the 30,000-member AANA. "It is most disturbing that even 1 percent of the healthcare providers surveyed do this, potentially exposing millions of patients each year to needles and/or syringes contaminated with Hepatitis, HIV, or other life-threatening infectious diseases."

So this has been a known issue, well documented and the consquences known. I have a feeling that if other states start inspecting clinics they might find the same practices.

Sources: lasvegasnow.com, msnbc.msn.com, aana.com & New York Times

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Metreon Vertical Construction Party

Amidst all of the recent cancellation of loft and condo projects, several of the projects going forward tend to get overlooked. The Metreon Las Vegas, a mixed use project on the west side is celebrating the vertical construction of the project on March 27th. Sales for the community have already commenced.

The community will offer live/work residential lofts in twin five story towers and class A office space. Commercial tenants include Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza, Fedex Kinko's and Einstein's bagels. Call 702-493-8033 for more information.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out of this world home up for sale


ET's retirement home?

This "spaceship" house went up for auction in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

You would think that it would be a one of kind. Thanks to the popularity of Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction over the years, that isn't the only spaceship house out there.

Greetings Earthlings from Pensacola, Florida

Don't have enough cash to buy your own spaceship house? This one is available for rent in Pensacola Florida.

florida spaceship house

Certainly not in the same league as the Tennessee house, but if you have to live in a spaceship, at least you can start out with something small and work your way up. The top structure is actually a Futuro, set on top of a normal house. futuro houseThe Futuro was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen back in the late 60's and represents the Utopian design of the era. There are still a few of them around the world (although this is first one that has been added to another structure that I've seen). There was even a film made about them in 1998, titled "Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow". For more pictures of Futuros around the country, visit futuro-house.net.

The Spaceship Housing Development

The city of El Paso almost had an entire housing development of spaceship homes. There was going to be a giant lake created behind the homes, but that never happened and the project folded.

texas spaceship house

Influence of Space Age Architecture

The influence of architects like Matt Suuronen can be see across the US in the most unlikely places. This former restaurant The Gobbler located in Madison,Wisconsin has a distinctly space age design. Sadly, the unique building design was not enough to keep the restaurant open.

space age restaurant

Glendale stadiumThe new University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona also has a distinctive "spaceship" look.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crisis in Las Vegas: Doom and Gloom in Sin City


Deadly poison found in Las Vegas

ricinIt has been an "interesting" week here (think the chinese proverb) in Las Vegas to say the least. A highly toxic poison Ricin was found here in the valley. Metro and the FBI are investigating and stated that currently they are treating it as a public safety issue. The poison was discovered in Roger Von Bergendorff's hotel room along with some firearms and an anarchist textbook. Von Bergendorff is still in the hospital, although the cause of his illness hasn't been determined. The FBI have also searched storage units and a relative's house in connection with the investigation. Authorities have confirmed the man was a loner.

Sources: Associated Press, Salt Lake Tribune

Possible Hepatitis Outbreak

If that wasn't bad enough, a series of local clinics were shut down due to a hepatitis outbreak. Talk about feeding the candidates with an example of why health care should be provided by the government. Clinic operators decided to SAVE MONEY by REUSING syringes, single drug doses, etc. People that used the clinic are now being tested for Hepatitis B, C and HIV, because they wanted to save a few bucks.

reused needlesMy neighbor actually went to the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada (located at 700 Shadow Lane) on the orders of his doctor for some tests the day before the outbreak occurred. The total number of clinics shut down is now up to six. Its estimated that as many as 40,000 people could be affected from just the one clinic. The clinic operates under the umbrella of the Gastroenterology Center of Nevada, which has several other clinics (some that have been shut down) across the valley. If you have used their services, its imperative that you get yourself tested. So far, six cases of Hepatitis C have been linked to the Shadow Lane clinic. But my neighbor has been told that they will need to be tested every six months for the rest of their lives.

Five certified registered nurse anesthetists who worked at the Shadow Lane location were asked to voluntary surrender their licenses. All five complied. Local police and county prosecutors have opened a preliminary criminal investigation this past Monday. Even with all these risks being front and center in the news during a recent inspection by the Nevada Health Division found unsafe practices at other clinics around the valley.

Local attorneys have started advertising for clients, you can hear the class action train coming.

The Southern Nevada Health District has set up a hotline. The number is (702)759-4636 (INFO) Call to schedule testing or if you have health questions. This past January the clinic was told to stop reusing syringes when administering drugs.

Sources: Las Vegas Review Journal, KLAS Channel 8

Historical Inter-racial hotel may get a facelift

In other more positive news, the Las Vegas Planning Commission voted to allow the Moulin Rouge restoration go forward, approving the various permits, variances, etc that are needed. Final approval for their application will need to be granted by the city council and that may happen in early April. I seriously doubt that the project will not get it. Its one of the few historic landmarks left, although only the facade and sign survived the arson in 2003. But considering the commitment of the city and Mayor Goodman about the continued revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, its a safe bet that the Moulin Rouge project will be approved. According to the developers, if the project is approved they plan on breaking ground next year and have phase one completed by the end of 2010.

source: city of Las Vegas

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Real estate posts and comments

For whatever reason, I've been receiving a lot of comments on my post about the Greatest real estate agent in the world contest. So where are they you ask? Well, let's just that ads for other real estate sites won't be displayed, unless I add them in my blogroll.

The competition is heating up. I just found another post about the real estate contest here. He has an interesting view on the contest, real estate blogging and ethics.


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