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Friday, March 23, 2007

Las Vegas MLS

The Las Vegas MLS (multiple listing service) has received a major security upgrade. The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS(R) enlisted Clareity Security to make the data in the MLS safer. All realtors are now required to purchase a SAFEMLS token in order to gain access to the MLS. The token is similar to ones used by banks, security houses, ecetera. It generates a random numeric code that must be entered along with the person login id and normal mls password. Without the additional pass code a user can not gain access to the MLS. The addition of the token makes hacking into the MLS very improbable. The algorithm used by the token generates a different pass code each use, thus rendering any copies pass codes useless.

This security upgrade is the second one in the last six months. Last year there was a mandated upgrade of all lockboxes to a newer, more secure device. Another side benefit of the security upgrade will be to prevent unauthorized use of the MLS by non-realtors. Only a Las Vegas realtor in good standing with the GLVAR and a valid token will be able to access the MLS.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wetlands fire still raging

wetland fire

Yesterday I noticed a smoking smell invading my house. At first I thought that I left a candle smouldering but as the smell grew stronger I was worried that it was something else. I walked outside and found the source of the smell right away. Apparently someone or something set the Wetland preserve next to the Sam Boyd Silverbowl on fire. The fire started yesterday and firefighters are still battling the blaze. Neighboring homes have been evacuated and the areas have been drenched with water in the hopes of sparing the homes.

So far there has been no comment on the local news as to the cause of the fire. Firefighters have estimated that 200 acres have been burned and the BLM is estimating that only five to ten percent of the fire has been contained. The picture was taken outside the front of my house, looking towards Henderson.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Las Vegas foreclosures

Today, the latest foreclosure numbers were released. Over 2,400 foreclosures in Clark County with an estimated 6,700 that may go into foreclosure. The reason for the high foreclosure rate across Clark county and the rest of the nation can be attributed to the high number of ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) that were issued in the last few years. Home owners aren't the only ones feeling the pinch, according to the local news several mortgage companies have also gone out of business.

While this is bad news for a lot of residents, its great news to investors and home buyers. Interest in Las Vegas real estate as an investment property has steadily increasing for the last several months.


Las Vegas Foreclosures 2005

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Another Las Vegas landmark gone

A fixture on the Las Vegas strip is no more. Today, the Stardust was demolished. The Stardust had been a fixture on the strip for almost five decades, which by Vegas standards, almost rendered the building a historic landmark. The Boyd gaming group that owns the Stardust property along with a host of others, decided to demolish the aging building rather than remodel. The new property that will be built on the old Stardust site will be named Echelon.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nascar weekend

Las Vegas is being invaded by Nascar fans. This weekend is an all Nascar weekend at the Las Vegas motor speedway. The races will start Friday with the big Nextel race on Sunday. Some friends will be taking their fifth wheel to camp down in the middle of the track. She'll be up tomorrow at 5am to get everything ready to go on down. Now that's dedication.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lied still taking a beating

I was browsing through the Channel 3 website, when I found a video of an interview of Natalee Nounna. She had a adopted a pit mix from Lied. At the time, she was told that it had been spayed and had all of her shots. She named the dog Miya and a few months after adopting her, Miya gave birth to puppies. This isn't the first time that a resident in Las Vegas has adopted an altered dog from the shelter to only find out later that it had not been spayed. Several years ago, it happened to me. I had adopted a female Akita from the now defunct Dewey shelter.

The reason things like this happen are simple. People who turn in dogs don't necessarily tell the truth. With a male dog, its pretty obvious if he's been neutered. With a female dog, its a lot harder because to be absolutely sure, surgery is involved. The vet would have to open her up and look inside. Most techs rely on a surgical scar to determine if a dog has been spayed. If the dog has had another surgery, its possible that the scar from that may be mistaken for a spay scar. Things like this are very rare to say the least, and should not happen again. Last year Clark county instituted a mandatory spay/neuter law for all personal pets. Owners with unaltered animals will need to be licensed by animal control and only pedigree animals will be allowed to remain unaltered. Owners that fail to comply will be heavily fined and their animals confiscated.
Hopefully this will help curb the overcrowding at Lied and prevent the euthanization of so many animals in the future.

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