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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Realtor Lockbox Swap

For those of you that procrastinate and wait until the last possible second to do something, that time is today. The GLVAR has mandated a lockbox exchange. The change is a one for one swap that started on the 18th. GLVAR members were mailed a sheet scheduling when they were to turn in their old grayish brown lockboxes for the new GE electronic ones. After the end of business today (9/21), anyone with an old box will have to purchase a new GE blue one. All old lockboxes will no longer work. Some of the new features of the newer boxes include electronic notes features, compatibility with some handheld pc's, programmable access times (so your clients will never be bothered by someone who doesn't read the agent notes!) as well as many others. The new boxes are part of the GE iBox series and are more compact that the older models currently being used. To find out where you need to exchange your lock box, visit lasvegasrealtor.com.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More High Rise Condos are canceled

Two more projects are added to the "dream" list of projects that will never be. Vegas 888 by Del American, slated to be the next "it" project in Las Vegas, was canceled. A representative or Del American cited the rising cost of construction, making the project not viable. The residences at Red Rock have been suspended. A representative for the project stated that the project is on hold, as the land may be needed for expansion of the casino project in the future. The project may be resurrected at a later time, but I doubt it.

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