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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Condos on the Strip

Another Las Vegas landmark will soon be gone. The Klondike Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard will be demolished to make way for a condominium complex. The Klondike had been in the same location for the last 45 years. No word yet on the name of the new condo project or the type of condominiums being built.


Real Estate information sold

I finally have an update about the scandal involving Frances Deane and real estate information sold out of her office. I had first posted it under Las Vegas Scandals back in March of this year. She is charged with 19 felonies including fraud, theft, misconduct of a county official and filing a false campaign report. The person she allegedly sold them to, local business man Monty Miller, claims to have paid her thousands of dollars for copies of records given to him on compact disc. Metro detectives think that Deane may have actually proposed the idea of selling documents to Miller back in 2002 while running for County Recorder. He also claims to have given her 10,000 dollars in unreported campaign contributions. Eight of the 19 charges are related to Mr. Miller's allegations. Metro detectives claim they have found two other business men making similar claims. There were also allegations that Deane was hoarding sensitive material in her office.

After Metro raided the recorder's office, over a terrabyte of information was found in Deane's office representing millions of records. Despite the charges and missing a court appearance, Deane is not in jail at this time. She is claiming to be recuperating from surgery (elective). The judge assigned to the case has given her until this Friday to turn her self in.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Toronto Real Estate & High Rise Condos

Like Las Vegas, the city of Toronto, Ontario has seen significant growth in their real estate market, especially high rise condominiums. So of the same developers are building in both cities (like Trump) and planning on more projects. If you are thinking about buying a high rise or luxury home in Toronto or the surrounding cities, here are some local real estate agents worth talking to:

Leaside Patrick Rocca at (416) 322-8000 today to find your dream home!

Real Estate Agent Kingston Ontario Gary Moran. Contact Gary today at 613-544-0907 or 613-539-9511 (cell).

Rosedale Toronto Real Estate Toronto Annex Homes for Sale

For homes for sale in central Toronto, speak with Kathy Blend of Chestnut Park Real Estate. She specializes in homes in Rosedale, Riverdale, The Annex, Lawrence Park, Governors Bridge, Bennington Heights, Hoggs Hollow, Moore Park and Playter Estates.*

Selena Pollard - Remax Condos Plus, Toronto For a Toronto Condominium specialist, call real estate agent Selena Pollard at 416-558-7653 today! She knows the Toronto real estate market, and can help you find your 'dream condo'!

Etobicoke Real Estate

If you are looking for a house for sale in Etobicoke, house for sale in Mississauga or Brampton, contact Bob Perks at 416-573-9021. The site has a great map search feature breaking the city down by district.

Brooklin Ontario Real Estate

Looking for house for sale in Brooklin, Ontario? Considering purchasing a new home in Uxbridge or, perhaps, Whitby? If so, contact dynamic mother-daughter team Lyn Lewis and Beth Burleigh at (416) 678-8003 (cell) or toll free at 1-866-273-1333, today.*

Hamilton Canada Real Estate

Real estate agent Gino Montani offers listings for homes in the East Hamilton, Hamilton Mountain, Stoney Creek and Grimsby areas of Ontario, Canada.*

Dundas Real Estate Burlington North Real Estate Ancaster Homes

Real estate agent Baya Vertes covers the areas of Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton. She can help you find your dream house for sale in Dundas! Call 905-648-4451 today!

Toronto great homes blog

Excerpts were taken from the sites themselves. If you know of a resource that should be listed here, drop a comment with your email address. I'll contact you to review the site.

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